Developer Services

StrataCo: Providing a professional consulting service to developers and tailoring solutions to suit the needs of your project.

StrataCo’s comprehensive consulting services include:

  • A comprehensive meeting with the Developer and other key consultants (architect, surveyor etc.)
  • Advice to ensure compliance with the Owners Corporation Act and Regulations.
  • Cost saving design and innovation
  • Practical management requirements
  • Practical / Liveable Design
  • Future proofing - Correct infrastructure advice
  • Waste Management Plans
  • Parking Plans
  • Practical advice in planning matters
  • Practiced advice on building plans and levy schedules (Lot Liability)
  • Review/Preparation of Owners Corporation Rules

Professional Advice

We tailor our services to suit the needs of each development. We will liaise with the Developer and the Consultant Team to provide recommendations based on many years of Owners Corporation operations and management experience.

Administrative implications of the proposed plan and recommendations in the following areas:

• Access & Security

• Staffing

• Maintenance

• Facilities (Common Property)

• Planning Permit Compliance

• Budgeting Summary of the process:

• Review of the building and services and creation of the budget

• Provide ongoing advice/input during construction

• Establishment of the Owners Corporation and handover process

• Ongoing Owners Corporation Management

Establishment Services

Services StrataCo will provide in establishing a compliant Owners Corporation.

StrataCo will create the Owners Corporation register, records and administrative procedures in accordance with legislation prior to settlement occurring which includes the following (although not an exhaustive list):

  • Owners Register
  • Books of account
  • Setup computerised accounting records
  • Setup a separate Owners Corporation Bank Account
  • Prepare Owners Corporation Certificates for all initial settlements at no cost to the Developer
  • Arrange for the common seal
  • Obtain quotations for insurances
  • Prepare draft budgets
  • Calculate levies and issue levy notices
  • Convene and attend the Inaugural general meeting and prepare minutes of that meeting
  • Arrange Income Tax File and Australian Business Numbers
  • Owners Corporation Rules
  • IT
  • 24 Hour Support
  • Online Owner Portal
  • Handover
  • Initial Budget
  • Building Management
  • Facilities Management
Owners Corporation Rules

StrataCo works closely with the Developer to ensure that the appropriate rules are adopted and registered during the initial setup of the Owners Corporation. This provides the Owners Corporation a customised set of rules that match the unique needs of the development.

Through our extensive hands on management experience we can ensure that the rules provided are both enforceable and practical for the future management needs of the development.

StrataCo's Points of Difference

StrataCo is an independent Owners Corporation Manager committed to providing a high-level of personalised service ensuring the investment value of all buildings under our care are not only maintained but increase. Our points of difference are:

  • Our Management Team have extensive property backgrounds with gained both locally, interstate and internationally;
  • We utilise quality systems that are currently being audited to obtain our ISO certification
  • We work closely with contractors and facilities Managers to provide a seamless Owners Corporation management experience

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