Christmas Lights


Christmas Lights

Are there laws about external Christmas decorations and strata units in Victoria? Can I hang Christmas decorations on the balcony?

Model rule 3.1.1 states that an owner or occupier of a lot must obstruct the lawful use and enjoyment of the common property by any other person entitled to use the common property. Some could try and argue that such decorations impacts their enjoyment of the property and therefore restrict the use of decorations.

Also model rule 3.3 – Damage to common property – could come into play if, as the installation of the decorations have the potential to damage part of common property, such as how they are affixed (screwed or nailed) to common walls. Screwing a sleigh and reindeer on the common roof may be going a bit too far.

Placing decoration solely within the boundary of your Lot should not be an issue provided it doesn’t negatively impact others, e.g. placing flashing lights within your balcony and this area is next to the bedroom window of your neighbour may not go down well.

Hopefully, the Owners Corporation takes a pragmatic, anti-Scrooge, community approach to policing temporary Christmas Decorations that may fall into part of the Common Property as a few fairy lights or tinsel never hurt anyone.

I might add any allowance for Christmas decorations will have to apply to all other religious celebrations throughout the year.

Merry Christmas

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